What’s In My Cupboard

In the past couple of years I have become increasingly health conscious, so there are certain things that I will always keep in my cupboard – and here’s why…

Coconut Oil

The range of health benefits from Coconut Oil in phenomenal. Ranging from hair and skin care to stress relief, helps with high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, bones and teeth strength. It is also supposed to be very good for your brain being noted to increase blood levels of ketone bodies which therefore supplies energy to the brain which is particularly beneficial for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and so on. This increase in Ketones also reduces the risk of seizures. It is also supposed to be good for weight loss as it can increase your body’s energy expenditure, therefore helping you burn up those unwanted pounds. It is also supposed to reduce your appetite. A study in 40 women with abdominal obesity, supplementing with 30 ml (1 ounce) of coconut oil per day lead to a significant reduction in both BMI and waist circumference in a period of 12 weeks.The amount of Lauric acid in coconut oil can also kill bacteria therefore keeping infections at bay. Not only can you eat coconut oil, but you can also use it in your beauty regime, as a moisturiser, conditioning hair mask and much more!

It is slightly more expensive than other oils, but I think from what you have read above it’s definitely worth it. I tend to buy mine from Amazon, which can be cheaper, but you can buy it in most big supermarkets.

Flax seed

Flax seeds are very high in soluble and insoluble fibers, making them incredibly good for your digestive system and colon. They also aid in protecting you against breast, prostate and colon cancers. They increase the health of your heart with their high percentage of omega- 3 fatty acids. Aids your blood sugar level, preventing diabetes, or helping if you already have it. Helps with hot flushes for menopausal women. They’re rich in anti-oxidants, which helps fight cellulite and most importantly detoxifies cells. Not only that, they’re full of healthy oils which are good for your hair, eyes and skin and they contain a lot of iron and calcium!

Flax seeds can be bought in big packets which are ground up. They don’t taste of a lot so you can sprinkle them on almost anything to cereal, yogurt and salads!

You can buy them at large supermarkets or health food shops such as Holland and Barrett.

Chia Seeds

  • Some facts about Chia Seeds:
  • 3 x more iron than spinach
  • 5 x more calcium than milk
  • 2 x potassium of bananas
  • 3 x antioxidant strength of blueberries
  • 7 x more omega 3 than salmon

Chia seeds are great for baking as well as sprinkling on top of yogurts and cereal. Chia seeds are used as egg replacements in baking by vegans. This is done by adding one tablespoon of chia seeds to three tablespoons of water. The chia seeds expand in liquid turning gelatinous, which acts as a coagulant like eggs also do in baking. Although eggs are good for you, chia seeds are better. They increase your energy, improves your digestion, good for weight loss, lowers cholesterol, improves hydration, increases lean muscles, reduces inflammation, improves your mental sharpness, betters your mood, improves sleep and finally amongst many more it’s great for your skin.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is quite fashionable at the moment because of its health benefits. Its great for your energy levels which is why athletes take it. This is because it contains carbohydrates, b vitamins and protein., which keeps you going throughout the day. Its anti-inflammatory qualities of pollen mean that it can help prevent onset asthma as well as this making it good for eczema. It contains enzymes that aid digestion, assisting your body in obtaining all the nutrients from food. Pollen is great for the intestinal flora that supports the immune system. The vast amount of antioxidants in it also protects your body from free radicals. Holistically it is used from treating addictions as it is supposed to suppress impulses. It is high in Rutin which is an antioxidant known to strengthen capillaries, blood vessels and helps to correct cholesterol levels.

Maca Powder

Maca is a root that belongs to the radish family nominally grown in the mountains of Peru. Vegans frequently use maca in baking for its butterscotch taste – however if you have never tried Maca it does take a little to get used to in larger doses as it as a slightly bitter after taste. I wasn’t sure about it at first, however now I quite like it and have it in my oatbran every morning.

Like bee pollen, maca is known for being good for your energy levels and improves muscle gain. It is known for being especially useful for girls to take as it balances hormone levels, helping ladies with menopause and if you are feeling a bit pms-y. In this sense it is known for reducing depression and anxiety. It is also good for skin, hair, teeth and bones, meaning its great for kids and adults!

These are the dry ingredients that I always have, but in the fridge I will always try and keep a range of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs and 0% Greek yogurt such as total.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of my friends introduced me to this and she was trying to have shot of it every day to try and reek the benefits, however I would not recommend this as it is not particularly pleasant! However, mixed into other things or used as a salad dressing it is actually very nice. Not only is it tasty, but the multiplicity of health benefits are endless. When gargled it whitens your teeth, freshens your breath and aids with sore throats, this is because the acidity makes it a place where germs can’t survive. It also helps prevent indigestion, sinus drainage, weight loss as it helps to suppress your appetite, the potassium content and enzymes help increase energy levels and finally the anti-inflammatory which helps reduce the size of bruises. I also mix it with water to create a toner and use it in my skin regime, which works really well.


Known as one of the most antioxidant filled foods available, it grows in the Amazon and is predominately known for anti-aging and weight loss capabilities. It also promotes healthy skin, mental function, detoxifies the body, supports a healthy heart and helps prevent diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon as opposed to cassia is the natural form of cinnamon which is much more subtle in taste, containing a negligible amount of coumarin (a blood thinning substance) whereas the amount in cassia is substantially higher which can be harmful to the liver and kidneys if eaten on a regular basis. It contains a high amount of polyphenol antioxidants, it’s anti-inflammatory – reducing the risks of disease and lowers blood sugar levels making it great for diabetics.

 Raw Cacao

Although this a lot more expensive way to buy it if you are just flavouring a chocolate cake for example, the benefits are much greater, however if you are worried about the pricing I would recommend sprinkling it on yogurt and into smoothies and so forth. Nevertheless the benefits are as follows; mood enhancing, promotes heart health, aids weight loss, full of antioxidants as well as a plethora of other vitamins and minerals. Whereas, cocoa is heat processed (thus loosing a lot of the vitamins), often has additions of sugars, hydrogenated oils and other artificial flavourings making it very possible for weight gain!


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